Daily Necessity Mould
According to different daily applications, we divide daily necessity mould into many categories, such as plastic dustbin mould, plastic box mould, pipe mould, plastic chair mould and plastic table mould. These products are widely used in plastics fields. Teng-Ri Mould specializes in designing and manufacturing daily necessity mould and household mould. Our company was founded in 1988, focusing on processing plastic chair mould, plastic table mould, plastic box mould, plastic dustbin mould and pipe fitting mould. Our company possesses professional CAD/CAM/CAE systems and more than 50 sets of CNC machining center, CNC engraving machine, electric spark and line cuts equipments. We also employed an experienced team. Therefore, we are capable of manufacturing quality, stable and precise plastic chair mould, plastic table mould and plastic box mould. All of our injection molds meet the international quality standards, and have been exported to Australia, Japan, Germany, UK, Korea and United States. Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 certificate. If you are interested in our products, welcome you to contact us!