Plastic Chair Mould

Description of Plastic Chair & Table Molds:

1.It is suitable for making plastic chairs and tables.
2. Chairs and tables made by this plastic mould come in a variety of sizes and styles
3. Plastic material (P20) is used for the process of injection molding

Characteristics of Plastic Chair Moulds:

1) Mould material: P20
2) Raw material: plastic
3) Design software: UG

Our plastic chair mould uses P20 as the material, enjoying the advantages of high precision, stable size and long using life. Founded in 1988, Teng-Ri Mould specializes in designing and processing large, precise, complex and long-life plastic injection moulds, related to all kinds of automobiles, households, etc. Teng-Ri Mould has its advanced CAD/CAM/CAE system and great team-workers experienced in mould designing, processing and company management. And we are also familiar with mold manufacturing standards from European standard. We have advanced processing and testing equipment, which help increase precision and reduce cost. Therefore, we are capable of providing cost-efficient plastic chair mould to global customers. We have already cooperated with countries including UK, Korea, United States, Australia, Japan and Germany. Our customers are satisfied with our plastic chair mould, plastic table mould, TV mould and car parts mould. Our company is in Taizhou city with convenient transportation, welcome you to contact us!